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Thank you for your sacrifice during the covid-19 pandemic.  Masks, and distancing, and staying at home have saved lives.  As more people are getting vaccinated, the risk is declining enough for us to operate with our normal hospitality and services.

The owners and all of our staff are fully vaccinated, but the owners are immune compromised, and so we encourage all of our guests to get vaccinated prior to travel.  

Our policy is simple.  If you're vaccinated, masks are optional in our inn.   If you're not fully vaccinated, please wear a mask when you cannot maintain proper social distancing.   If you are sick, please do not travel.  

We still provide contact free check-in, hand sanitizer, and privately scheduled pool time.    Furthermore, those customers in the B and B may elect to take breakfast through room service if you wish to avoid the more social dining room. 

Many businesses downtown may require masks, so be prepared.   Masks are not required in Acadia.  
Updated June 16, 2021

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